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About Me

I started this blog because I basically have an insatiable obsession with all things food.  My friends (hell, even acquaintances) know that I like to look at food, buy food, talk about food, cook food, and every once in a while fantasize about food.  If you don’t feel the same, well, then I am afraid that it may be impossible for us to be friends.

I intend to use this blog to share my food experiences and the stories and people behind them.  In fact, most of the pleasure I get from cooking comes from sharing a meal with old friends and new ones.  My mother always told me that if you can cook, you’ll never be lonely — and she was absolutely correct!

Stay tuned for my inaugural post!

Happy cooking,


Note: The picture of the beautiful cupcakes is not mine (I needed a starter picture for this blog).  My 16 year old daughter, Olivia, took the picture and actually made the cupcakes herself.  She is quite the budding baker!